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General Hints and Tips
  • Making moves
    Moves can be made by tapping the 'from' square and then the 'to' square or by dragging.
  • Swap sides / move
    If it is your turn to move this command will start ChessGenius thinking. If ChessGenius is thinking it will force ChessGenius to make its move now.
  • Take back, Step forward
    < Take back
    > Forward
    Take back all
    Forward all
    Forward 10 moves
    Note: Take back reverses a single move so has the effect of changing sides. To avoid changing sides take back twice.
    Note: Step forward steps a single move so has the effect of changing sides. To avoid changing sides step forward twice.
  • Clocks
    The chess clocks show time as minutes:seconds or hours;minutes. Note the ':' or ';' If the playing level is set to 'Game in ..' the clocks count down to show the remaining time. When time has run out '--:--' is displayed. If the playing level is changed mid game the clocks are set to appropriate times.
  • Championship
    The "Championship" smiley is displayed if you have not used Hint or Next best, Taken back moves or viewed the analysis. Can you beat ChessGenius without help?
  • Next best move
    After ChessGenius has played a move "Next best move" will force ChessGenius to take back its last move and compute the next best move. This is useful for forcing ChessGenius to play a particular opening and for analysing positions.
  • Landscape display
    Rotate your device to play in landscape mode.
New Game and Chess Options

Tap the menu icon then select New game or Chess options

  • Playing Level
    Choose one of the 33 different playing levels.
    - 13 easy levels. ChessGenius makes deliberate mistakes.
    - Ten time based levels. Move instantly, Move in 1 sec... ChessGenius will take on average the specified amount of time to think about each move. (The longer it thinks the better it plays)
    - Ten Blitz levels. Game in 1 min, 2 min,... The Chess Clocks count down in these levels. ChessGenius will play the entire game in the specified amount of time. (The longer it thinks the better it plays)
  • Players
    Analyze game. This is like Two player but ChessGenius thinks and shows its thinking on the screen. Useful for playing over games.
  • Permanent brain
    If 'On' ChessGenius will calculate whilst waiting for your move. ChessGenius will play stronger but battery life will be reduced.
  • Tutor
    If 'On' ChessGenius will warn if you make a weak move and give the option of taking it back. Useful for beginners..
  • Sounds
    Switch off to prevent sounds when ChessGenius moves.
Display Options

Tap the menu icon then select Display options

  • Big board
    Chose between two board sizes. Small board allows more space for move record and analysis.
  • Turn board
    View board from other side.
  • Board color
    Choose one of six board colors
  • Piece set
    Choose between 5 styles of chess pieces.
  • Board style
    Choose between 3 styles.
  • Analysis
    The Analysis shows the thinking process of ChessGenius
    It can be off, score only, score and search depth and line of best move. It can also show the number of positions searched and positions searched per second.
  • Show legal moves
    If 'On' ChessGenius will show legal moves. Tap on a piece to see where it can move to.
  • Show last move
    If 'On' ChessGenius will show the last move that it made.
  • Sounds
    Switch off to prevent sounds when ChessGenius moves.
Save + load game

Tap the menu icon then select Save + load game. The current database is displayed below the page title

  • Save game
    Save current game to database. Game details can be entered.
  • Load game
    A list of all games in the current database is displayed. Tap on a game to preview it and then load or delete it.
  • Load next game
    After a load game this loads the next game from the database.
  • Select database
    A list of all pgn databases that belong to ChessGenius is displayed and you can choose one
  • New database
    Create a new empty database.
  • Import database from OneDrive
    ChessGenius can import a .pgn database from your OneDrive/Documents folder
  • Export database to OneDrive
    ChessGenius can export the current pgn database to your OneDrive/Documents folder. We recommend that you use this command to backup any important pgn databases.
  • Rename database
    Option to rename the current database.
  • Delete database
    Option to delete the current database.
Setup position

Tap the menu icon then select Setup position

  • Tap the menu icon to see additional setup commands like Clear board, New board and change side to move.
  • To add a piece first select the piece type from the additional piece box.
  • To clear a square select the empty box from the additional piece box.
  • The castling and en passant status and move number can be set after a legal position is setup. Select OK "✔".
  • You cannot exit with Ok "✔" unless the position is legal.
  • Cancel "X" returns to the position before Setup was selected.

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